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The Role and Function of Funeral Directors for a Funeral and Cremation in New Hartford, NY

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We understand that everyone's grief journey is different, and we strive to help families find their path through the mourning process. At Friedel, Williams & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services, we offer a full range of funeral services to honor those who have passed away in New Hartford, NY. We have been committed to providing personalized, compassionate care and support for each of our families for over 60 years. Our funeral home has a long history of providing comfort and solace to those in need. We offer traditional burial services, as well as cremation and memorial services. Our staff is always available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the funeral planning process. We are here to ensure that your loved one's tribute is given the respect and dignity they deserve. Contact us to begin a private conversation about Advanced Planning.

When designing final arrangements and overseeing death care arrangements related to services like a funeral and cremation in New Hartford, NY, you’ll want to work with a qualified professional called a funeral director. Officially, the funeral director handles the logistics of a funeral, from the planning, preparation, and completion of the services. Here are just a few of the many responsibilities you may expect your licensed funeral expert to complete related to the death services you retain.  


  • Transportation of the Deceased: When the deceased passes, the body should be transferred into the care of a reputable and secure provider. If the decedent needs to be transferred over state or international borders, the shipping process will legally need to be overseen by fully qualified funeral directors.   

  • Preparation of the Corpse:  The deceased body is delicate and needs to be handled with care. If you want to have the remains preserved through embalming, this professional will complete that process  

  • Submitting and Supporting the Legal Filing of Important Documents: Death certificates and other pressing paperwork for insurance or veteran benefits can be supported by the funeral director and their staff.   

  • Counseling with the Family of the Departed Individual: Morticians are also trained to consult and counsel the family as they walk through this acute shock and grief stage. These professionals are not therapists or grief counselors—they will connect you with those critical experts, especially if they see signs, you or your family could use that support.   

  • Supporting in the Planning of the Funeral or Other Honoring Services: There are estimated to be 70+ decisions needed regarding a single funeral. Having a qualified professional to explain and help you see what will best fit your budget, needs, and the situation can be invaluable in a daunting time.   

  • Advanced Planning of Funerary Arrangements for Those Interested in Pre-Planning: Making plans before they are needed is an option that has grown in popularity over the last few decades. A funeral director can help you set these crucial plans in place.   

  • Training of Staff to Support the Business and Quality Customer Care:  The funeral director has a whole team of professionals to support their many responsibilities. Though some pieces of the process they cannot delegate, they can work with their team to make your final arrangements meaningful, beautiful events.   


Types of Final Service Formats Such as a Funeral and Cremation in New Hartford, NY

There is no “best” or “right” way to set things up. Though the plans for each person will vary in detail and scope, starting with a standard framework can help to simplify the preparations. Knowing a bit about the fundamental differences for funeral and cremation in New Hartford, NY and other related services can help guide your choices  

1. Funeral Services

Those who choose a funeral service can have a simplified or full-service package if desired. The more services that are ordered will generally equate to more significant expenses. Funerals are centered around the deceased remains, usually held in a casket for the duration of the services. The body may be prepared for public presentation, or the casket can remain closed throughout. A full service typically includes a visitation service. This is an opportunity for the family to receive condolences from other loved ones and acquaintances of the deceased.   

2. Cremation Services

Preparing the final remains can be done securely and respectfully while bypassing the decomposition process. The body can be cared for via cremation. This procedure is highly regulated and must be carried out per all local and federally applicable laws. The body is effectively burned until the softer tissues turn to vapor, and the most rigid portions of the calcified bones are left. These fragments can then be granularized until they are indistinguishable. The ashen remains may then be inurned, buried, or scattered.   


Preneed Planning vs. At-Need Death Care Planning

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to plan funerary and other death care services ahead of need. This service is available to anyone but can be especially helpful to those doing estate planning, facing an upcoming death with a terminal illness, or advancing age. It can bring peace of mind to the one who will know their wishes are recorded and to family members tasked with the responsibilities of seeing to the death care needs in question. Some details will still need to be worked out when the death occurs.   


Get Support for Your Death Care Needs by Calling Now

Find the support you need for your plans with a funeral and cremation in New Hartford, NY, by calling the experts at Friedel, Williams & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services. With qualified licensed directors whose combined experience spans more than 60 years, you can trust our teams to guide the process and listen to your concerns and questions. We want so much to help your family through this tender time by offering the compassion and support we would like to have in a similar situation.  


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs 


What services do funeral directors perform? 

The funeral director's job is to assist the bereaved in various ways to help them through the loss of a loved one. He provides bereavement and consolation services for the living, in addition to planning for the cremation, burial, and memorial services for the deceased. The funeral director also fulfills the role of funeral arranger, funeral attendant, and embalmer. 


How much does a funeral cost? 

Cost varies depending on the type of funeral service you plan. Choose a funeral home that presents pricing options fair and that you are comfortable with, while still delivering the highest quality service. Above all and regardless of price, what matters is that the attention, warmth, and professionalism are given to you and your family unconditionally. It is a belief and practice that guides us every day. Learn more about funeral service. 


What are VA burial benefits and memorial items? 

The VA burial benefits are designed to assist service members, veterans, and their families plan and pay for a burial or memorial service in a VA national cemetery. Memorial items are provided through the Veterans Affairs to honor the service of those who have served the country. Learn more about veterans services.