Charles David “Manny” Grant


Dear Peg, Rebecca and Josh,
You know how much we love all of you and miss Manny already! What a special guy he was, who left a lifelong mark on those blessed to know him.
We've had so many adventures together! In fact, 11 years ago today we ferried to Hammock Beach State Park with him and you, Peggy. When Becka and Brett called looking for us, Manny said to tell them we'd missed the ferry back. They freaked because we'd taken the last one for the year and wouldn't have been able to come back till the next April!
Every time we were with him, we laughed till it hurt. Right up to the end, he was fun-loving, and concerned about everybody else. Always asking us to pray because he said, "I know God answers our prayers!"
That is what we are doing and will continue for him to be at peace, and all of you to find comfort in the memories he's left in your hearts.
Rest in Peace, Dear Friend!
Sweetie and Jim

- Lynn and Jim DeOrio